Choose from acoustic solo musician Corinna, 8-piece party band Circa 74, DJ McWillo and any combination thereof.

Corinna has been awarded one of South Australia’s best wedding musicians in SA’s 18th and 19th ABIA awards with customer satisfaction of 95.97% (runner up)and 98.75% (3rd place)

Corinna will arrange stunning acoustic live music that is individual to your wedding and will get the dance floor moving with her DJ service

Circa 74 is Adelaide’s finest funk, soul and disco live band – eight incredible musicians who will keep the dance floor going all night with history’s best dance songs

Experienced and professional DJ McWillo will capture atmosphere of wedding theme and guests through song choices and keep the dance floor moving all day long!


Create a magical atmosphere with individualised acoustic music and
impress your guests with a high energy 8-piece reception party band

Songs just learned for your wedding
A set of modern and classic songs
Choose from solo acoustic, 8-piece party band and DJ
MC service
Professional and state of the art equipment
Personal consultations
Over 15 years’ experience

Corinna’s Blog


The heart and founder of Deviation Acoustic is Corinna. Music is her passion, she has over 15 years’ experience as a singer and plays both guitar and piano. She performs as a solo acoustic musician and DJ. Corinna recently added DJ McWillo and the 8-piece party band Circa 74 to her portfolio to provide clients with Adelaide’s most versatile wedding and event entertainment.

Corinna’s music journey started at the age of 14 when she picked up her mother’s guitar and discovered her passion for covering songs acoustically.  Having grown up hearing her father play the piano, she always dreamt about learning the piano too and made her dream come true once she finished her studies.

Over the years, Corinna has performed countless concerts including weddings, school proms, birthdays, competitions and other private functions.

My favourite part of any wedding is singing as you dance for the first time

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I love everything about my business from start to end – except for loading and unloading the heavy equipment!  

Playing at ceremonies is one my favourite parts of the day, I find it magical and beautiful and every time I get teary when couples exchange their vows.

I am also passionate about getting the dance floor moving with my DJ service and I am excited to end such a special day with a pumping dance floor. I love the people I get to meet and learn about their story, how they met, how they got engaged and finding out how they envision their day to be.  Even though many weddings have lots of things in common, no two weddings are the same.