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Pregnancy Singing Class Adelaide

Pregnancy Singing Class Adelaide As a qualified and experienced singing teacher (and first time mum to be) I would love if you join me for this 8-week pregnancy singing course. I designed it specifically for those expecting and wanting to learn the basics of singing. Have you always dreamed about learning to sing? Most kids […]

Student Concert

Beginning of July I hosted Deviation Acoustic’s first student concert at the Glenelg Community Centre. It was a wonderful evening with beautiful music. We had over 30 people in the audience, family and friends of the 8 students that decided to perform. For many students it was the first time singing in front of an […]

Tongue Tension

Today I would like to talk about tongue root tension. Tongue root tension can restrict your vocal freedom and hinder you from achieving your vocal goals. If our tongue is too low when we sing it pushes the larynx down (as the tongue root is attached to the larynx). In order to reach high notes […]

‘Support’ in singing – Anchoring

Deviation Acoustic Repertoire

‘Support’ – Anchoring There is a lot of discussion in singing around ‘support’. Some people call it breath support or support from the diaphragm. The concept of supporting from your diaphragm has long been proven obsolete. However, I still have people come to me saying they want to learn to breathe through their diaphragm. My […]

How to learn to sing on pitch

As mentioned in my post ‘Do I need talent to sing’ I finally found the time to write about learning to sing on pitch. Some people believe that singing on pitch is something you cannot learn, you can either do it or you can’t. This is, however, incorrect. In fact, anyone (unless you are tone deaf) […]

Do I need ‘talent’ to learn to sing?

Our society has been bombarded with talent shows like ‘Australia’s got talent’, ‘American idol’ or ‘the voice’ and this has made the perception that singing is a talent or an innate ability even stronger. Today, I want to talk about the one question I get asked most often from people enquiring about taking singing lessons, […]

Adult Group Singing Lessons – FREE trial lesson

Adult Group Singing – Glenelg Community Centre Love singing with other people? Always wanted to learn how to sing? If the answer is yes, join my adult group singing course at the Glenelg Community Centre Come for a FREE lesson to see if this is right for you! The course is designed as an 8-week […]

Retraction for singing

The most important ingredient for healthy singing is retraction. Retraction means opening the false vocal cords. The false vocal cords sit above the true vocal cords and close for two reasons: To protect your lungs from things going down the wrong pipe To create back pressure to cough something up Unfortunately, the false vocal cords […]

5 ultimate tips for vocal health

Stay hydrated – keep your vocal chords hydrated at all times for a clear and healthy tone. Keep caffeine and alcohol consumption to a minimum or cut it out completely. As per current IOM recommendations, men aged 19 and older should drink 3.7 liters and women 2.7 liters daily. This includes anything you eat or […]