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Choosing your wedding entertainment

By December 14, 2020June 1st, 2021No Comments
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Choosing your wedding entertainment isn’t always easy and can seem daunting with so much choice. Below are a few tips and tricks that might make deciding what suits your wedding best a little easier 🙂

ABIA is the most trusted wedding brand in Australia and recommends choosing a wedding musician who fits into your wedding theme and style. Music undeniably sets the mood and there a plenty of amazing wedding musicians to choose from. Knowing what type of atmosphere you are after and the style of music you love will assist in finding your prefect wedding musician.

Some important things to consider. Do you like relaxed, intimate background music, do you want a party live band that gets the dance floor going all night, what music do you like (think artists, songs, genres), do you like a female or a male singer or both? What style of music will suit your wedding venue (outdoor, indoor, classic, vintage, vineyard etc.).

Meeting your wedding musician (just as any other wedding professional) in person is always recommended and strongly encouraged. It is a very special day and making sure you feel comfortable with your suppliers being there while you make this wonderful commitment is important.

Apart from being good at what they do, it is important to find suppliers that are professionals in the wedding industry, they will be able to assist in making your day run as smoothly as possible. Especially in uncertain times as these, it is important to find someone who is flexible. Trust your instincts!

Find out what the price includes and ask for any exclusion or anything that could be charged extra. The last thing you want is an unexpected fee close to your wedding. An experienced wedding professional will be transparent with their pricing.

Read their terms and conditions and find out about cancellation/reschedule policies.

I am so proud to be listed as one of South Australia’s best wedding live entertainer by ABIA. I absolutely love my work and getting recognised for it is simply wonderful. Have a look at my wedding entertainment packages to find out what I can do to make your wedding music dreams come true and assist in in providing a stress free day.

Hope these tips will make the choice a bit easier! Good luck for your wedding planning. Corinna xx

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