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Singing Lessons in Adelaide

By April 12, 2023May 15th, 2023No Comments
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Singing Lessons in Adelaide

I feel so excited to announce that I am back at teaching singing. I have been on maternity leave for a while and am returning this week to provide students with singing lessons in Adelaide.

There have been some exciting changes happening. I started my official training to become an Estill Master Trainer. This training is equipping me with further diagnostic skills and advanced singing teaching skills. Hence, I am teaching singing at any level from beginners to advanced. My focus is contemporary music but with my Estill Training and skills I am able to assist anyone!

The main focus in my teaching is supporting you in your singing journey. Assisting you in finding your voice. Equipping you with techniques that enable you to sing the way you want, anything is possible! In Estill Voice training there is no aesthetic bias as long as vocal health isn’t compromised. A big focus in my teaching is vocal health. I will teach you how to care for your voice so it is sustainable.

Choose your 30 or 60 minute singing slot and start singing today. Find out more about my singing lessons here.

All lessons are held at my home in Seacliff Park. I currently offer slots on a Monday afternoon. Get in touch today as places are very limited.

In your singing lesson you will learn

  • Voice maintenance, vocal health, and physiology of the vocal instrument and voice projection
  • Retraction vs constriction
  • Articulation and vowels
  • Techniques: twang, falsetto, belting, harmony & vibrato
  • Scales, intervals, triads, arpeggios & rhythm
  • Musical and vocal terminology
  • Performance skills
  • Microphone technique for live performances or studio recording

All lessons are prepared on an individual basis and are flexible. We work on what you would like to learn with a focus on correct technique and vocal health.

I can’t wait to meet you and find out about your singing journey!



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