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The top 3 DIY Photo booths

By December 15, 2017July 27th, 2021No Comments
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The top 3 DYI Photo booths

Fancy a photo booth for your wedding but cannot afford it? There are many fantastic photo booths out there but it is often a price question. I will therefore share 3 ideas for DIY photo booths that are fun and cost effective.

  1. Polaroid: Get a Polaroid camera with films. Create your own portable photo booth frame out of cardboard. Decorate the frame with flowers or just pretty drawings. Nominate a person that will walk around with the camera and frame to picture people or put it on a table with a sign.
  2. Set up a digital camera on a tripod and get a remote control. Create your own photo booth backing, for example decorate the wall, set up your arch or use a stylish couch/furniture piece.
  3. Put disposable cameras at each table and ask your MC to announce it.

All three options are much cheaper than getting a photo booth and the good thing is you can have them all night.


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