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Frequently asked questions weddings

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Frequently asked questions weddings

Can you perform a song that is not your current song list?

Absolutely. I am more than happy to learn a song just for your wedding. It does take time to learn a new song so I ask to get 8 weeks notice prior to your wedding to ensure the song can be performed professionally. Any song will be charged at $130 to cover some of the time spent learning it just for your wedding. Contact me for further details.

I cannot decide yet which wedding option might be the best for our wedding, is that a problem?

Not at all, I know from planning my own wedding that you don’t always know all the details early in the planning process. I am very flexible in my approach and am happy for you to make a final decision closer to the wedding.

I therefore only requires a small deposit to secure your wedding day. This ensures that I will not take any other bookings on your day, so even if the time of your wedding was to change, I will be there for you. I can also provide guidance on choosing the right option for your wedding and help you customize a package.

I am not really sure if live music or DJ suits my wedding better, can you assist?

Certainly, I am more than happy to provide guidance in this matter and help you figure out what will be best for your wedding.

I provide live music services as well as DJ services because I know how important it is for many couples to have variety in their wedding entertainment.

Can we decide which songs will be played for the DJ service?

Absolutely. I have access to almost any song and can play anything that you and your guests will love. Prior to your wedding, I will ask you to provide me with any artists, songs or genres that you love so I can download these before the wedding. However, I still take requests on the day. In case you do not know any songs or artists you like, just let me know what style music (dance, mainstream, hip hop, rock etc) and I will choose the songs.

Can we use the PA system for our speeches?

Yes, absolutely. I also have microphones that are perfect for speeches and will assist on the day with their handling too.

We would love to meet Corinna in person before we make a final decision, is that possible?

Yes, of course. I understand how important it is to feel comfortable with your service providers and offer a non binding meeting to go through your wedding and any questions that you may have.