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How to choose a wedding celebrant

By February 3, 2023No Comments
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How to choose a wedding celebrant

Are you getting married and are not sure on how to choose a wedding celebrant? I understand, it is a big task. After all, this is the person who will legally marry you. For most couples, it is incredibly important to choose a celebrant they really ‘click with’. Someone, who makes them feel at ease. It can be nerve wrecking to be the centre of attention for many! Someone, who is funny and professional at the same time. A celebrant, who takes pride in what they do and noticeably enjoys it! Someone, who will actively get to know the couple and make their ceremony personal.  Most people strive to find someone who goes above and beyond.

So many choices

The choice of wedding celebrants feels daunting to many. There are just so many to choose from. So, where to start? Personally, working out your budget is a good way to start. The prices can vary immensely between providers. While a celebrant is undoubtedly very important, couples have to decide how much money they are actually willing to spend. This will narrow down the search. Next, you can think about any that you have seen at other weddings that you loved. Or maybe, you saw one you didn’t like. Write down the attributes that your celebrant must have. Keep this list handy for when you meet them in person.

Directories to start the search

I would always recommend using a wedding directory to narrow down your suppliers over googling. If you google, you will need to go onto each website individually. Obviously this takes a lot of time. My suggestion is therefore to use a directory. You can usually filter them by category so you can see all celebrants at once. Those who look interesting to you, you can read more about. Also, you can usually enquire without too much hassle in the directory. I would suggest enquiring with about 10 suppliers that seem to meet your requirements on the surface. Easy weddings and ABIA are great directories that list most wedding professionals and are very use friendly.

Asking the right questions

When you contact the celebrant, obviously check their availability and prices. In order to be able to narrow down your search more, think of one important attribute. I would try to build that into your enquiry. It could be something like ‘do you provide the option for a friend to read a poem’. Or others might want a celebrant who really takes the time to get to know the couple. You could ask ‘what do you do so you get to know us better and integrate this into your ceremony?’. Some celebrant send a questionnaire to the bridal party and or family members. Others, ask the couple directly. Once you receive the reply from your 10 chosen celebrants, you are probable able to get down to 2 or 3 favourite ones based on prices, availability and the questions you asked.

Meeting in person

Next, I would recommend that you meet your favourite or couple of favourite celebrants in person. Most wedding professional offer an non binding meeting. I do think this is super important and I would suggest you take the time to do so. When you meet them, you will feel and see if they are the right fit. Do they come across as friendly, warm, professional and funny as you hope? If this is what you are after obviously. Now is the time to really ask those questions you will need answers for. Like, what type of celebrant do you consider yourself to be, funny, loving, warm, professional, casual? I have seen many ceremonies and met many different celebrants. The type of person really sets the mood for the ceremony, so choose what fits your style and what you envision for your day. Some couples really want someone a bit more casual and funny to have a relaxed and not so formal wedding. Others, look for someone more professional and warm. It really is your choice. Since there is an abundance of amazing celebrants, you get to choose your perfect fit.

I hope you enjoy this journey of how to choose your wedding celebrant since I believe it is truly a special part of any wedding!


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