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Learn to sing a song

By August 2, 2018May 19th, 2023No Comments
Blog } Deviation Acoustic ~ How to learn to sing a song

How to learn to sing a song

When learning a new song we want to make sure that we learn the melody while establishing our most comfortable vocal effort. Below are steps to go through when learning a new song that will establish the most comfortable vocal effort and therefore set your voice up in a healthy way.

(1) Siren: Sing the entire song on an /ng/ as in ‘sing’ not ‘sung’ (this is important so we make sure our tongue stays high).

(2) Miren: Keep your velum low with the /ng/but mouth the words. This is a great exercise to practise operating the tip of your tongue independently to the back of your tongue (the tip has to move freely to shape the vowels but the back stays high to produce the /ng/ sound)

(3) Alternate measures: miren-sing-miren-sing.

(4) Sing the whole song with with ease!

While you follow those steps make sure you sing with your most comfortable vocal effort. You can check this by focusing on retracting your false vocal folds.

Hopefully these four easy to follow steps will help you find your most comfortable vocal effort when when figuring out how to learn to sing a song!