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Deviation Acoustic was the perfect choice for our wedding. Corinna’s voice and adaption of songs are just beautiful creating an amazing atmosphere, her elegance and grace is to be commended. Her professionalism and passion for music are evident and it was a privilege to have her as part of our special day. If you are looking for wonderful, I highly recommend Deviation Acoustic. 

Michelle K

Corinna is amazing. Her voice is stunning. She seemlessly went from entertaining our guest with live acoustic music to dj. She is a dream to work with. She set the relaxed vibe for the ceremony and made our first dance truely enchanting with her version of Ed Sheeran’s Perfect.

Tessa R

Corinna was fantastic – she played acoustic, then DJ later in the night. I have had a lot of comments from guests about how lovely her acoustic music was; and she definitely got the dance floor going later on in the night. Corinna was great to deal with in the lead-up to the wedding, learning a song for me to walk down the aisle to, as well as accommodating our last minute requests for songs that we forgot; and making recommendations on how the night should run music-wise. Could not have asked for a better run of acoustic and dance floor hits.

Lucy J

I was lucky enough to win a package with Deviation Acoustic. Her acoustic set added an amazing atmosphere as guests arrived and during our ceremony. Everyone complemented her beautiful voice. She was great to work with and learned new songs just for us which she played beautifully. I would highly recommend her service. 🙂 

Shauna W

Thank you Corinna for the music at our reception. You have a beautiful voice that was perfect for our reception. It set the mood perfectly. And then thank you for being DJ the rest of the night getting our guests on the dance floor. Corinna thank you for everything!

Meg L

Deviation Acoustic sang and played at my wedding at Grange beach, Adelaide. They really helped to create a beautiful ambience for our guests to enjoy as the sun set beyond us. I cannot thank them enough for making our day so special and would highly recommend them to anyone wanting that personal touch. 

Michelle B

Words cannot describe Deviation Acoustic. Corinna has such a beautiful voice and created a wonderful ambiance with her music. Corinna was more than accommodating, she is very flexible and helpful with choice of music. She is professional and inspiring and her passion for what she does comes across in her performance without a doubt. We made requests for a few particular songs to be played during the ceremony and she did it with no hesitation.  Corinna was an absolute pleasure to meet and work with. Her performance made our day perfect as we had hoped. Extremely highly recommended. 

Renate K

Deviation Acoustic performed on my wedding day and the addition of live music was definitely the right decision – worth every cent! Corinna was able to fulfill all our song requests and made sure I could walk down the aisle to my favorite song – “You’re beautiful” by James Blunt. Thank you so much Corinna for making our wedding day so special and memorable! Your passion for what you do is truly appreciated. It was a pleasure working with you and I will recommend you to all future brides! Thank you again! 

Iris A

A wedding is always a very special day, but the certain something is what makes the difference. Corinna sang and played at our wedding and was definitely responsible for me (and half of the audience) starting to cry when I was walking down the aisle. Of course, I had promised myself I would not cry to keep my makeup on track 🙂 Besides she was really very cooperative and managed to fulfil every special song request we had!  Not only is Corinna a professional singer, she is also a very sweet person which will be more than just a wedding band, she will be part of a day you will always remember. 

Anja S

Absolutely incredible! Thank you Deviation Acoustic for making our special day truly wonderful. Your music as my now wife walked down the aisle towards me was perfect, I could not have asked for anything more. If you are looking for excellent live music we highly recommend Deviation Acoustic. Corinna’s voice and instruments were magical and continued to entertain our guests throughout the ceremony and the party continued with her DJ service late into the night. Was a day and night to remember. Thank you a million times for making us feel so special.

Kev M

Corinna sang on my wedding and she made my special day even more special. I really liked her voice and it is always great to have a live performance at your ceremony which creates an incredible atmosphere. Awesome, I can really recommend her a lot! 

Kai S

Corinna was amazing, she provided a great atmosphere at the ceremony and I had so many comments from guests about how beautiful the music she played was. She also learnt a new song for me walking down the aisle which was played beautifully. I highly recommend her.

Amy Malycha

Corinna is a very friendly and professional singer with the most beautiful voice I´ve ever heard. She really knows how to fill the room with an absolutely wonderful amosphere. I had the chance to perform with her at Howard Vineyard which was a big honour to sing with such a talented young lady. I can definetly reccomend her and If I will get married one day, I won´t spend one minute thinking about whom to ask for live music 😉

Jane Maria

I have seen Deviation several times at various wineries…. every time just a delightful sound and perfect choice of songs. 
Also goes well with a glass of red and some fine cheese  
Can’t wait for Corinna to make an album!

Daniel H

Corinna was another lucky find, she is a lovely girl with a fantastic feel about her. She is sweet and her voice enchants the night. Music has been her life for a long time and she definitely knows how to bring that across!

Al-Ru Farm

Corinna from Deviation Acoustic did a fantastic job at the 2018 NAFC Gala Luncheon held at the National Wine Centre. From her song selections to her soulful voice was the perfect match for our corporate function. The guests enjoyed her performance and I received all good feedback. She has a sensational voice and she is professional at the same time. I would highly recommend her for corporate events.

Meneka M

Corinna did an excellent job at our wedding. She prepared a very nice program for our wedding and did an awesome performance. She is very reliable and it was pleasant to work with her. We are very happy that we have chosen her for our wedding music and we can absolutely recommend her! 

Alexander N

It was a great performance on that wedding. I was very impressed by the intense voice which spread an emotional atmosphere throughout the whole event. Hope to see more gigs of Deviation Acoustic soon.

Johnny M

Inspired Students

I was honestly super nervous about singing in front of anyone, so taking lessons was a big step for me. But right from the start Corinna was so warm and open with no expectations. She helped me feel comfortable with her straight away and as a total beginner she was super patient and kept bringing new activities she tailored specifically to my voice and ability. She is such a skilled and knowledgeable teacher. The best part is, after only a couple of months I can now sing scales and pick up new songs quite fast – which seemed impossible before this!

Tessa L

Our eleven year old really looks forward to her weekly singing lessons with Corinna. She is learning about her voice and how to use it safely and effectively; she loves being able to choose the songs she wants to learn.

Lessons are relaxed and friendly, enhanced by Corinna’s enthusiasm and warm personality.


After years of wanting to sing, I finally plucked up courage and joined up with Corinna at Deviation Acoustic. She has a fine grasp of how the voice works and the exercises she patiently took us through helped me gain confidence. She’s warm, friendly and encouraging. By the end of the course we were all singing some hits songs with gusto. I do recommend her as a teacher. 

Alan A

Corinna is a wonderful singing teacher.

She is patient, friendly and makes you feel very comfortable working with her. She offers great feedback while still being positive and encouraging. She is also flexible and makes sure she caters her lessons towards your specific goals. She is happy to work on something for a long time or move on to other things when it suits you.

Corinna is very knowledgeable about singing and seems to have an exercise or a tip for almost everything. She is also able to explain the mechanics and anatomy of singing in detail which is very helpful. You can tell that she is passionate about teaching and really dedicates herself to it. She is an absolute pleasure to learn from. 🙂

Georgia B