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Meeting Corinna from Deviation Acoustic

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Meeting Corinna Hernandez from Deviation Acoustic

Thinking about hiring me as your wedding musician or recommending me to a friend? Since I will get to know you both and participate in one of your most important days in your life I thought it would be fair if I tell you a few details about myself.

Things I love other than singing – playing beach volleyball, running along Glenelg beach, spending time with my daughter and husband, meeting my friends, traveling, skyping with my family, hiking in the Adelaide hills, going for a wine tour in the McLaren Vale, having a picnic at the beach

What my friends say about meReliable, enthusiastic, organised, positive minded and a hard worker

My favourite movie – The Lord of the Rings

Something I collect – As a souvenir, I buy a shot glass from every country I visit which ends up in my display cabinet in the lounge.

My Nickname – Well, I have had many nicknames in my life none of which I liked. My current nickname is Herby. That is a long story and my husband gave me this glorious nickname. I love my herbal medicine which he as a medical practitioner finds amusing.

How I ended up in Adelaide – I was born and raised in Germany and since I can remember I was dreaming of going to Australia. This vast land at the other side of the world always fascinated me. Amazing beaches where you can be by yourself is unimaginable in Europe.  Super friendly and relaxed people and of course exotic animals are all highlights. After multiple attempts to make my dream come true, in 2012 I finally managed to score a scholarship during my Master studies as an exchange student at the University of Adelaide.  I moved into a shared flat with two Aussie girls at Grange beach thinking I could play beach volleyball in July. Funnily, I didn’t believe them when they told me it can actually get cold here. I had planned to stay for 6 months and the next section explains why I am still here 😉

How I met my husband – One Sunday I went down to play beach volleyball and when I arrived a young man approached saying ‘Hi Corinna, what have you been up to this morning’ – I was startled for a second thinking how does he know my name (it turned out we had briefly met weeks before but I was so caught up with playing that I must have not noticed). We started chatting and I mentioned I had studied for my Spanish exam. He got all excited saying he was fluent in Spanish since he was born in El Salvador. After playing for over 6 hours and chatting in between we knew each other pretty well. Well, we exchanged numbers and after a few more volleyball games together he asked me out on a date. One date led to another and next thing I knew I was falling for him. I had promised my family I would not marry an Australian – well, technically I never broke my promise. I extended my stay but eventually had to go back to Germany to finish my studies. After 6 months long distance relationship I moved back to Adelaide in October 2013. Three years later we got married in McLaren Vale after a romantic proposal at my favourite beach – Carrickalinga. For our honeymoon we went to South America and hiked the Torres del Paine W trek, the Inca Trail and snorkeled with Sea turtles on the Galapagos Islands.

Best wedding day tip – Our wedding day was a big blur and went by so fast. I am so glad I could convince my husband to get a videographer. He initially thought it was not necessary since we had a photographer but we both love our video and look at it more than at our pictures. The video just brings across the atmosphere of the day so much better than any picture could. Every time I watch it it seems I can remember everything a little bit better 🙂

Thanks for taking the time to meet Corinna Hernandez from Deviation Acoustic.

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