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Meeting Corinna Hernandez from Deviation Acoustic

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Meeting Corinna Hernandez from Deviation Acoustic

Thinking about hiring me as your wedding musician or recommending me to a friend? Since I will get to know you both and participate in one of your most important days in your life I thought it would be fair if I tell you a few details about myself.

Things I love other than singing – playing beach volleyball, running along Glenelg beach, spending time with my daughter and husband, meeting my friends, traveling, skyping with my family, hiking in the Adelaide hills, going for a wine tour in the McLaren Vale, having a picnic at the beach

What my friends say about meReliable, enthusiastic, organised, positive minded and a hard worker

My favourite movie – The Lord of the Rings

Something I collect – As a souvenir, I buy a shot glass from every country I visit which ends up in my display cabinet in the lounge.

My Nickname – Well, I have had many nicknames in my life none of which I liked. My current nickname is Herby – that is a long story but my husband gave me this glorious nickname because I love my herbal medicine which he as a medical practitioner finds amusing.

How I ended up in Adelaide – I was born and raised in Germany and since I can remember I was dreaming of going to Australia. This vast land at the other side of the world with amazing beaches where you can be by yourself – which is unimaginable in Europe – with super friendly and relaxed people and of course exotic animals had always fascinated me. After multiple attempts to make my dream come true, in 2012 I finally managed to score a scholarship during my Master studies as an exchange student at the University of Adelaide.  I moved into a shared flat with two Aussie girls at Grange beach thinking I could play beach volleyball in July – I didn’t believe them when they told me it can actually get cold here. I had planned to stay for 6 months and the next section explains why I am still here 😉

How I met my husband – One Sunday I went down to play beach volleyball and when I arrived a young man approached saying ‘Hi Corinna, what have you been up to this morning’ – I was startled for a second thinking how does he know my name (it turned out we had briefly met weeks before but I was so caught up with playing that I must have not noticed). We started chatting and I mentioned I had studied for my Spanish exam. He got all excited saying he was fluent in Spanish since he was born in El Salvador. After playing for over 6 hours and chatting in between we knew each other pretty well. Well, we exchanged numbers and after a few more volleyball games together he asked me out on a date. One date led to another and next thing I knew I was falling for him. I had promised my family I would not marry an Australian – well, technically I never broke my promise. I extended my stay but eventually had to go back to Germany to finish my studies. After 6 months long distance relationship I moved back to Adelaide in October 2013. Three years later we got married in McLaren Vale after a romantic proposal at my favourite beach – Carrickalinga. For our honeymoon we went to South America and hiked the Torres del Paine W trek, the Inca Trail and snorkeled with Sea turtles on the Galapagos Islands.

Best wedding day tip – Our wedding day was a big blur and went by so fast. I am so glad I could convince my husband to get a videographer. He initially thought it was not necessary since we had a photographer but we both love our video and look at it more than at our pictures – it just brings across the atmosphere of the day so much better than any picture could and every time I watch it it seems I can remember everything a little bit better 🙂


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