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"Everyone has a beautiful voice"

Singing Lessons Aldinga

  • Choose from 30 minutes or 60 minutes slots
  • All singing lessons are prepared individually based on your goals and voice
  • Contemporary singing lessons in Aldinga Beach, South Australia
  • Voice coaching for general speech, public speaking, radio or TV

What Will You Learn

  • Voice maintenance, vocal health, and physiology of the vocal instrument and voice projection
  • Retraction vs constriction
  • Articulation and vowels
  • Techniques: twang, falsetto, belting, harmony & vibrato
  • Scales, intervals, triads, arpeggios & rhythm
  • Musical and vocal terminology
  • Performance skills
  • Microphone technique for live performances or studio recording


No contract, choose your regular time and stop any time if you want to move on

  • 30-minute singing lesson: $40
  • 60-minute singing lesson: $80

Cancellation policy: 24 hours in advance otherwise payment is still due unless it is an emergency

Whether you are a complete beginner or experienced singer I would love to make your vocal dreams come true

Corinna Hernandez
Singing Lessons | Corinna Hernandez | Deviation Acoustic
Corinna Hernandez | Deviation Acoustic | Live Acoustic Solo Singer Adelaide

About Corinna

Corinna’s teaching is based around the principle that everyone has a beautiful voice. If you are ready to discover the beauty of your own voice and learn how to operate it safely please get in touch!

With over 15 years of experience as a singer and performer herself, Corinna is enthusiastic to share some of the finest vocal techniques with you. She is a passionate, professional, and committed contemporary singer and vocal coach.

Corinna holds the Estill Figure Proficiency (EFP), has successfully completed Level 1 and 2 of the Estill Voice Training and holds a Certificate III in Music Industry Performance (Voice). Furthermore, she is currently studying to become an Estill Master Trainer. All her teaching is based on the latest vocal research. Corinna ensures her knowledge is up to date by participating in continuing professional training and development.

As a singer you only have one instrument that needs to be looked after well. Hence, Corinna is committed to vocal health.

Corinna is a member of the Australian National Association of Teachers of Singing.

Singing lessons are held at her home studio in Aldinga Beach, South Australia.

Corinna is a wonderful singing teacher.
She is patient, friendly and makes you feel very comfortable working with her. She offers great feedback while still being positive and encouraging. She is also flexible and makes sure she caters her lessons towards your specific goals. She is happy to work on something for a long time or move on to other things when it suits you.
Corinna is very knowledgeable about singing and seems to have an exercise or a tip for almost everything. She is also able to explain the mechanics and anatomy of singing in detail which is very helpful. You can tell that she is passionate about teaching and really dedicates herself to it. She is an absolute pleasure to learn from. 🙂

Georgia Bell

I have been having singing lessons with Corinna for nearly 12 months and am really enjoying them. I love singing and my lessons have helped me to improve my range and my confidence. I have now performed in front of my whole school and won an Open Mic. recently. Corinna is a great teacher.


Corinna is an absolute fantastic Singer and teacher. She knows exactly how to motivate you as she by herself is absolute enthusiastic about music. She is funny and creative and easy to talk to. My singing lessons with Corinna have always been a very warm and funny time besides the very professional and challenging singing course. She is now doing singing classes in Adelaide community with pregnant woman too and I can't wait to join the class if I might get another baby one day 🙂 highly recommend!!!

Christiane M

I was honestly super nervous about singing in front of anyone, so taking lessons was a big step for me. But right from the start Corinna was so warm and open with no expectations. She helped me feel comfortable with her straight away and as a total beginner she was super patient and kept bringing new activities for me that she tailored specifically to my voice and ability. She is a super skilled and knowledgeable teacher. The best part is, after only a couple of months I can now sing scales on pitch (mostly 😉 and pick up new songs quite fast - which seemed impossible before this. I look forward to my lessons so much every week!

Tessa Leon

She is fun, kind and very professional.
I have had a wonderful time every time I have a lesson and my singing voice range got higher and learnt so many skills within six months!!!!

Pink B

I played and sang at school. After years of being told by my wife I should join a choir I finally decided to take the plunge. I enrolled with Corinna and she made me realise I had a voice. I had six lessons and it was enough to give me the confidence to.join a choir. Great teacher!

Alan Atkinson



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