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A beautiful love story

Meet the winners of the $16 k wedding through Fleurieu Weddings – Tash and John ‘They met on 29th January 2017 at a Social Club picnic at Glenelg. John had never made it to an event before and Tash was a frequent flyer loving opportunities to get out and meet new people. They had seen […]

How to learn to sing a song

When learning a new song we want to make sure that we learn the melody while establishing our most comfortable vocal effort. Below are steps to go through when learning a new song that will establish the most comfortable vocal effort and therefore set your voice up in a healthy way. (1) Siren: Sing the […]

Adult Group Singing Lessons – FREE trial lesson

Adult Group Singing – Glenelg Community Centre Love singing with other people? Always wanted to learn how to sing? If the answer is yes, join my adult group singing course at the Glenelg Community Centre Come for a FREE lesson to see if this is right for you! The course is designed as an 8-week […]