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Wedding theme and style

Wedding theme and style | Deviation Acoustic | Blog

Wedding theme and style

Having a consistent and coherent wedding theme and style to your wedding is important for many people. It adds a sense of fullness, harmony and security to the wedding. It gives a space to ‘hold’ the wedding day. Today, I would like to discuss a few current trending themes and styles. This is to give you an overview of your options. Hopefully, it will guide you to finding your wedding them and style.

Ceremony locations

More than half of all couples are choosing to have their ceremony at an all-in-one reception venues that can host their ceremony on-site. The next most popular choice are parks, gardens and beaches for hosting a ceremony. Still, 11% of couples to choose to get married in a church. When planning your wedding, think about the overall them you would like your wedding to have. This will aid in deciding on a ceremony location. Other factors to consider are cost, practicality of location and weather.

Reception Settings

The most popular reception setting are garden and outdoor venues with 18% of couples. This is followed by winery’s with 15%, and waterview venues with 13%. Farm/barn weddings are still very popular too with 11%of couples choosing them. Same for function centres and ballrooms. Finally, historic estates, restaurant/bars and event
space/warehouses represent a further 6% each of couples’ reception venue preferences.

Wedding Themes

Rustic is the most popular wedding theme with 24% of couples choosing it.  This is followed by Modern/Minimalist with 20%. Romantic is still very popular with 19%. Classic/Traditional makes up for 10% of weddings and Bohemian with 5%.

Rustic’s country vibes took a back seat to romantic’s soft neutral palette in 2022, however rustic is making a comeback as the top style trend for 2023. Newcomer modern/minimalist and last year’s trendsetter, romantic, round out the top three wedding style trends to watch for the upcoming season.

Popular colours

Whites/neutrals are still the most popular colour scheme, carrying over from last year’s most popular style
trend being romantic. Romantic still remains popular for 2023 couples. Pinks and greens remain on-trend both as
hero colours and accents. Couples are continuing to include greenery as a prominent feature in their styling. This is closely followed by blue  and red colour schemes. Orange and purple is chosen by roughly 5% of couples and black, metallic and yellow by less than 5%.

I truly hope this guide helped you in thinking about your wedding theme and style. If you would like to find out what I can do for your wedding in terms of live entertainment, get in touch here.


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